Sunday, April 30, 2023

Porn Spam Killed Google Drive

I have a Google Drive account.  I like it, and I used to use it a lot.  I'm a retired professor and I visit K-12 schools to talk to kids about STEM.  I could put my stuff on Google Drive and when I got to a school, there it all was, ready for me to use.

No more.  Now I open the web interface to Google Drive and I find a dozen of more files shared with me, and they're all spam for pornography sites.  Many of them have pictures, and all of them have suggestive titles, albeit with creative spelling.  I wouldn't dare open Google Drive in a classroom.

It's back to flash drives, I guess, or maybe Microsoft OneDrive.

The sad thing is that Google could fix this approximately instantly.

What is needed is a check-box setting that says, "Only allow those in your contacts to share files." I check the box and the problem is solved!

Google probably can't turn that on by default, but you get an acknowledgement page every time you use the "report abuse" function.  A big notice, right there, with a button to turn the "contacts only" setting on, and the first time one reports abuse could be the last time one sees spam in Google Drive. They also send an email acknowledgement and could put another notice in there.

Too bad they haven't done it.